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About TechCore

TechCore has over 40 years of experience and expertise in all ranges of the IT world. Our staff members are equipped with the skills, customer service, and intelligence to solve any of your personal or professional IT needs. You can find your locally owned and operated TechCore here in Middle Tennessee where we offer custom built computers, servers, video recording machines as well as onsite services to customers for their hands on problems. With free assessments and onsite inventory most services can be done same day instead of waiting days to weeks for parts and equipment to arrive.

Paul Fields 
 IT Director 
 M&A Supply Company, Inc.

“TechCore has been my one-stop place for all my computing needs for over 12+ years. There are many options when purchasing computer hardware but the value-added service I receive from TechCore is 2nd to none and is the reason I continue to be a devoted customer after so many years.”

Mark Starling 
Director of Builder Services at
Guardian Security Systems, Inc.

"Jamie knows his business and stays current as the technology industry advances. His pricing is simple and always completed in a timely manner. And this guy knows how to deliver. He knows that the hardware is a key part of any technology job and without it everything stops. Using Jamie and his company, I never have to worry about this part of the job. It is always there and he is on top of it on those rare occasions when it will be delayed.”

Patrick Allbritten 

"Great people to work with. They were very patient and informative as I made decisions. I will only go to them from now on for all of my computer needs!”
TechCore offers custom built servers for small to mid size businesses.

Custom Built Servers

Each server we build has your specific needs in mind. We create 100% customized solutions to make sure your business gets the service you deserve at the price you can afford

Whether your company or you personally need a new custom built computer, TechCore can help you.

Custom Built Computers

Custom computers have become the standard. This ensures you get the power you need without having to worry about each individual component. Let our techs do the worrying for you.

We are Nashville's leading on-site repair service and solution provider.

On-site Repair Services

Don't bring your computers to the local repair guy and wait days or weeks for a solution. We come to you and get the job done right the first time so you can get back to making money.