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With our professional and experienced technicians you can be assured that you get the best service possible when you call TechCore. We offer nearly any service you could need for both home and office computing.

Networking Solutions

Free Network Assessment
Don't waste your money on services you don't need. With our free network assessment we can analyze all your network needs, and provide solutions that fit your budget. Call today, it's free!

Wired Network Solutions
At TechCore we offer sales, installation, and setup of nearly every network solution you could need for your home or office. We can come to your location and assess your current equipment, make recommendations for upgrades or security, and do the setup and installation. With our wide range of products and services you are sure to get the results you need with TechCore.

Wireless Network Solutions
Wireless Networks have become the standard in today's networked world. The advantage of wireless networking of course, is the mobility it provides. Allowing you to work from anywhere within range of your equipment instead of being tied down to a desk. At TechCore we have been building reliable, fast, and secure network solutions for years. So let us be your first call the next time you need a new wireless network, or if you just need someone to diagnose and troublehsoot your existing system.

Network Cabling
If your building isn't setup for Network Cables yet we can help. Wired networks are more stable and have a higher speed capability providing an advantage for any tasks needing to be done over your network or online. We will do a free assessment of your location and needs and provide an estimate to get Ethernet cable run wherever you need. Call today and get online faster.

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Cyber Security

Viruses & Malware
The internet can be a dangerous and intimidating place. With services like online stores and others, credit cards and other important information is passed through your computer regularly. Don't let it get stolen because of a virus or malware issue on your computer. Our experienced and professional staff can get your laptop or desktop computer cleaned and secure at our location or in your home and office. So don't wait till it's too late. If you see the warning signs of viruses or malware call us immediately and protect yourself.

Firewall Systems
Firewalls are the first step in network protection. They help stop malicious attacks an traffic before they reach your devices. While Firewall Systems can be difficult to navigate and setup, they are an important piece of your network and security whether in your home or office. Call today to find out what one of our Firewall Systems could do for you.

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Computer Data Backup and Transfer

Onsite & Remote Backup Services
Backing up your computer is a necessity. Anything could go wrong, such as a power surge frying your hard drive, so it is extremely important to make sure that you are able to recover as much data as possible in the event something goes wrong. We offer computer backup services for desktops and laptops. With TechCore we may not even need to come out to your location to backup your device with Remote Backup Services. So don't wait until it's gone, backup your computer today!

Data Transfer & Cloning
When you buy a new computer you usually have to start from nothing, or wait hours trying to move all your information. Let our professional and experienced techs get you back online faster. With our data transfer and Cloning services we can get your files setup on a new machine quickly and easily. We only charge by the half-hour, compared to other companies, who charge by the hour, to save you money and get the best fitting service for your budget possible.

TechCore is Your Premier Computer Technology Partner

With Dell Partner Direct Registration you get the added benefit of knowing that Dell has certified us as experts in key repair services
With HP PartnerOne Registration we receive comprehensive training on all HP products making us your go to for any HP devices you have.
Lenovo Business Partner status means that we have extensive training and experience for Lenovo products, giving you confidence in our work.
Microsoft Partner program gives us extra tools and training to properly maintain and repair all your Microsoft Computers and products.
Our VMWARE certification means that we have all the tools and training to work on you vSphere 6 devices and programs, giving you extra peace of mind.