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Stop Wasting Your Money On Generic PC's

Ever had that experience of buying a brand new computer from your local retailer, getting it home and setup, and then it just doesn't perform as well as you expected for the money? Stop dealing with the hassle of these one size fits all solutions. Get a custom system from TechCore and you will immediately see the difference.

Each Computer is Designed With Your Specific Needs in Mind
If you just browse the internet and check your email, you will need a vastly different computer from people who play video games or do graphic design and video editing. At TechCore we select each component based on your individual needs and budget to make sure you get the most out of your PC.

Custom Gaming Computers
For those that need extra power and capabilities a custom built machine is the way to go. You will not likely find a computer out of the box at the big name retailers that can do everything you need. You may have to upgrade ram, or add a video card just to get started. So why waste your money when you can get a machine with these items the first time for a comparable price? Leave the struggle behind and give us a call today!

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Refurbish Your Old Computer

Solid State Drives -SSD Upgrades
SSD's are the fastest type of hard drive available and can greatly improve the overall performance of your computer. Whether you have an older PC or are just looking for that extra boost of speed, SSD's are a great solution. We can install Solid State Drives on both desktops and laptops and assist with cloning or transferring all your data from the old drive to your new SSD. Call today for that extra boost of speed.

RAM Upgrades
Just like having an SSD can improve your performance, upgrading the available ram in your computer can have a positive impact on your PC's performance. Upgrading your RAM will allow you to run more applications without bogging down your system. Get the extra edge upgraded RAM can provide, call today!

TechCore is Your Premier Computer Technology Partner

With Dell Partner Direct Registration you get the added benefit of knowing that Dell has certified us as experts in key repair services
With HP PartnerOne Registration we receive comprehensive training on all HP products making us your go to for any HP devices you have.
Lenovo Business Partner status means that we have extensive training and experience for Lenovo products, giving you confidence in our work.
Microsoft Partner program gives us extra tools and training to properly maintain and repair all your Microsoft Computers and products.
Our VMWARE certification means that we have all the tools and training to work on you vSphere 6 devices and programs, giving you extra peace of mind.