Onsite Services

Providing all your IT needs at your location

Stop Running All Over Town for Tech Support

With our Onsite Services you get the professional service and care, without the long wait lines or travel time. Our technicians will come out to your location to evaluate your system and make most repairs. If it can't be done on site then we will bring it to our shop and get it back to you as soon as possible.

Onsite and Remote Backup Services
Electronic documents are important to nearly every business. Don't lose your data because you didn't take the time to do a Computer Backup. Whether you need remote backup services, or would like us to come in to your location for onsite backup services, we got you covered.

Data Transfer and Cloning Services
When you get a new harddrive or a new computer, you need to transfer all your files. We can help you accomplish this with a data transfer or cloning service. This allows all your data, files, and programs to remain in the same place. Save time by having a professional do it to ensure you don't lose any important documents in the process. At TechCore we charge by the Half-Hour to keep your cost down on these important services.

Computer Diagnostics

We can assess your hardware and software onsite. This allows us to make recommendations, repairs, and upgrades from the comfort of your office. We carry a large inventory of parts at our location allowing us to do hardware repairs the same day instead of waiting for parts.

Malware Removal

Viruses and Spyware are the leading causes of computer malfunctions. We can come to your location and review your Computer for any malicious software that may be installed. Once identified we will remove or quarantine these programs, getting your computer back up and running.

Cat5e Cabling

We offer Cat5e cable installation and wire running services onsite at your location. No need to call a contractor. We have all the tools and components to help get your network wiring done. Eliminate the troubles of wireless networks by running wired connections through-out your Location.

TechCore is Your Premier Computer Technology Partner

With Dell Partner Direct Registration you get the added benefit of knowing that Dell has certified us as experts in key repair services
With HP PartnerOne Registration we receive comprehensive training on all HP products making us your go to for any HP devices you have.
Lenovo Business Partner status means that we have extensive training and experience for Lenovo products, giving you confidence in our work.
Microsoft Partner program gives us extra tools and training to properly maintain and repair all your Microsoft Computers and products.
Our VMWARE certification means that we have all the tools and training to work on you vSphere 6 devices and programs, giving you extra peace of mind.